Emily Lisbeth Jewellery polishing her latest commissioned piece of jewellery


The essence of Emily Lisbeth is to create meaningful heirloom jewellery, designed to honour your special moment and handcrafted to last a lifetime. The quality of the materials is paramount, using only recycled silver and gold in addition to responsibly sourced gemstones. It’s important that collectively we consume consciously, reducing waste wherever possible and adopting mindful purchasing habits. Handmade jewellery is an investment, designed and made to the highest quality, the antithesis to fast fashion. All jewellery is handcrafted using only solid precious metals, ensuring your piece will last way beyond this generation. I, like you, appreciate uniqueness, and believe jewellery should reflect the wearer, marrying classic elegance with contemporary design. Everything is made in-house which keeps collections small and limited edition.

  • Mission

    To encourage everyone to be themselves, giving them the confidence to demonstrate their individuality through adornment.

  • Vision

    For everyone to be able to feel uniquely them in their taste, and style. We are not jewellery for the masses, but for the discernable woman and man who appreciate the design skill and handcrafted nature of wearable art.

Emily Lisbeth creating jewellery in her workshop in Cheshire


I'm inspired by nature and architecture, specifically the natural weathering of buildings and the fluid movements of the landscape beneath.

I draw on this inspiration, adding a sculptural element to my pieces. From the texture of crumbling brickwork on a dilapidated structure to the undulations of the rock underfoot, I'm fascinated by their history and imagine the story they have to tell.

I see the diamond in the rough, and that often translates into my collections with a little hidden gem and the use of salt and pepper gemstones. These gemstones are heavily included and would once have been discarded but carry a beauty in their own right. Imperfectly perfect like every one of us.

My bold collections sit nicely alongside my more classic timeless pieces, retaining an edgy twist, for those who prefer their statement jewellery a little more understated.

Emily packaging up a unique piece of jewellery for her clients


Emily Lisbeth is an award-winning independent British jewellery designer/maker.

Working from her private studio in Cheshire, Emily specialises in unique statement pieces in silver, gold and gemstones, alongside bespoke wedding jewellery.

Collections are kept small with most pieces one-of-a-kind or very limited edition, ensuring your treasured piece of jewellery remains as unique as you are.

Described as timeless elegance with a contemporary twist, Emily’s style is constantly evolving, developing a signature style that combines modern and experimental techniques, with a foundation of traditional goldsmithing skills.

With over 17 years in the industry, Emily began her studies at Manchester College, where she gained a Btec in Jewellery and Applied Arts of the highest level a triple distinction. More recently, she completed two further diplomas in Fine Jewellery and Advanced Jewellery, both with The Jewellers Academy. It was here she developed her skills as a fine jeweller, demonstrating an ability to design and execute more complex designs. Emily is currently a mentor with The Jewellers Academy where she can share her skills and knowledge.

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